New Joomla! Extensions

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  1. With this module you can take payments using PayPal's latest interface, the Smart Buttons component.

    Choose an automatic layout displaying radio buttons with fixed amounts, input fields for visitor-provided custom amounts, or a combination.

    Supports layout overrides so you can style the module to match your current template.

  2. Web Radio Player Joomla module gives the ability to play audio streaming (web radio)

    It works for Shoutcast v1 & v2 and Icecast v2 Audio player based on MediaElements.js

    - HTML5 Player - Compatible all modern devices (and mobiles). Read more on MediaElements website
    - Parameter to choose HTTPS/HTTP protocol
    - Shoutcast v1 & v2 - Icecast v2
    - Anti-cache audio link. Player automatically adds time-stamp before play button
    - Auto-Play (in some cases does not work due the Browser's policy)
    - Auto-Reconnect (If listener has no Internet connection the player can automatically refresh the page, if off-line period is over 30 seconds or force the "Play" button)

    Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x

  3. Shack Error Notify will rescue you from serious site problems. This plugin will send automatic notifications if anything goes wrong with your Joomla site.

    We have used this plugin at Joomlashack for years, and it has saved us on many occasions. It is easy to miss site errors, but Shack Error Notify catches them all! You will get an email describing what went wrong on your site, and showing you where to fix it.

    Checking your site for errors

    Shack Error Notify automatically checks for errors on your site. Nobody has time to watch their site constantly, but Shack Error Notify does. If anything happens on your site, Shack Error Notify is watching and alerts you immediately.

    Helpful email notifications

    Shack Error Notify will automatically send you an email when an error is detected on your site. In the email, Shack Error Notify will give you all the details you to locate and fix the error.

    Simple configuration options

    Shack Error Notify is easy and quick to set up. You can choose multiple email addresses to receive the error notifications, and you can also choose which types of errors you'd like to be notified about.

  4. The WX FORMS component is a replacement component in a standard Joomla contact component. It aims to provide fields for users to fill in the frontend and use an email.


    With the WX FORMS component it is possible to create forms with text fields, text area, custom selection list.
    For each type of form, you can specify an email destination.
    WX FORMS uses Joomla email settings (Joomla global settings).
    Allows you to register the submitted forms in a database and export them in xls
    When creating a selected menu item for the component, it is possible to choose a form and change the form's page layout, modifying the image size and the information that precedes or proceeds the fields.

  5. FF Explorer is file manager on joomla site. Features are supported:
    - edit file
    - new file
    - new folder
    - upload file
    - download file
    - change file permission
    - and more...

    To Save File: Hit Ctrl + S (or CMD + S on Mac )