The simplest backup & recovery you'll ever use


Protect your files, applications and even your Operating System with a flexible image backup which can be succesfully used for both single file restores and complete Disaster Recovery

We built our own platform that is now the Chronocovery Framework, which underpins all our much-loved products. Safe, secure and very easy to use.

It's absolutely true - we build, own and manage all our own servers. More importantly, we maintain full root control making sure we keep your data ultra-secure at all times

We safeguard your data throughout its entire lifecycle with continuous protection — at rest, in motion and in use. This is achieved across the cloud, onsite and in mobile environments.

The Backup/Restore features provided by the simple but powerful Control Panel allow you to backup your data and restore with ease. Data is encrypted before it leaves your device and whilst in transit.

Most people dont back up because its so complex to do. With Chronocovery its easy - we set it up for you!

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